• Holistic Wellbeing Way of Life Hatsumi Soke

    27 June at 14:08 from atlas


    Soke talks about the evolution of the Bujinkan and the necessity to keep going. This always means what it says, you keep going and keep training.

    What we learn is just a flash in the instance of time and it is gone. But that's ok, because we will have another chance to learn if you keep going.. Maybe not the same exact thing, but that's what is natural about this art, similar things may happen, but it is not entirely the same. Could Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa twice, exactly the same? This is an art form that we are pursuing. Each moment, each technique, each experience is a unique one and that's why it gets better. So, unless you keep going, how do you expect to improve?

    In the same natural course the Bujinkan has evolved, and Soke has evolved. This is expected.

    Too many have given up on "keep going". Too many criticize what was then, and dispute what is now. Too many have stopped learning, thinking they have it and run away to teach it. Too many try to stop the flow of time and attempt to trap, capture, keep and control this art. But its a life art that takes a lifetime to master. So keep going

    Soke does not teach. He inspires. Inspiration is the catalyst that is needed for one to find their own path. Once you find that path, then just keep going. Its that simple. Sunshine Coast Ninjas are Honoured to share Bujinkan Ninjutsu Sunshine Coast Warrior Classical Martial Arts..