Sunshine Coast Ninjas Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Videos

  • 19 November at 23:58 from facebook

    Blessings oo

  • 18 November at 08:07 from facebook

    Healing Mother Earth oo

  • 12 November at 21:29 from facebook

    Wow I am NOW Working 3 days a Week at Massage Noosa... Anyone who wants an Awesome Remedial Massage Alignment book me Shayne Harris to assist in your Bio-Mechanics OO Massage Noosa WebsiteDirectio

  • 7 November at 13:15 from facebook

    Wow, I have never been brought to tears of Joy.. on the massage table until I experienced True Hawaiian Bodywork... Hawaiian massage is nothing like what most teach or what I was taught with so-called

  • 7 November at 12:48 from facebook

    Aloha Pono Mana.. Unconditional Love Make things Right Power

  • 7 November at 12:01 from facebook

    Mana O'Hawaii Retreat 2017 ... Aloha Mai

  • 7 November at 11:59 from facebook

    Taro Healing Nature.. OO Aloha

  • 31 October at 22:00 from facebook

    Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.. Original term used by Ancient Hawaiians for cleaning up shit.. Ha ha

  • 30 October at 22:25 from facebook

    E Ho Mai Rae Smith.. Aloha Mai MAHALO

  • 27 October at 22:24 from facebook

    Aloha Blessings oo wow so much to learn and polish.. OO wait till I return to New locations for Massage on Sunshine Coast.. Awesome Energies.. Respect Love Aloha oo