Sunshine Coast Ninjas Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Videos

  • 8 September at 19:08 from facebook

    Aloha Peace ✌ and Blessings oo

  • 30 August at 10:16 from facebook

    “Better to be a Warrior in a Garden that a Gardener in a War”

  • 29 August at 08:31 from facebook

    Wow First New Classes Starting,... Free Experience .. peaceful Way of the Warrior .. Sword classes... Fun Social MINDFULNESS...!! Bujinkan Ninjutsu SunshineCoast Phone Sensei Shayne Harris M.0407 002

  • 29 August at 08:27 from facebook

    Healing Amatsu through the way of the Samurai !!

  • 26 August at 16:07 from facebook

    blessings for Study in such a central Location here at Glen View School Hall... Sensei Shayne M.0407 002 567... First class free new classes Starting OO

  • 16 August at 10:38 from facebook

    Feeling Energy OO

  • 16 August at 09:03 from facebook

    Beautiful Life OO Healing Blue Zen Massage

  • 10 August at 14:47 from facebook

    HA HA ,,, "Sexy Ninjas" at Noosa Forest Retreat..."PDC opening ceremony & heart circle. Creating bonds to last a lifetime and preparing our minds for an abundance of permaculture an

  • 1 August at 08:30 from facebook

    Blue Zen Massage, Martial Arts and Nature OO Power of Community OO All Budoka Sensei Antony will be teaching in our Glenview Dojo tonight, However, I have the honour with Karinally and her mum to

  • 31 July at 14:25 from facebook

    Blue Zen Massage .... Healing Art Of Peace..OO